I enjoy supervising research projects and regularly take up the supervision of MSc and PhD students.

MSc Students

At UCL, I supervise MSc students through the MSc Statistics, MSc Data Science and MSc Computational Statistics and Data Science programmes. If you are currently enrolled in one of these programmes, feel free to contact me about research projects which align with my research. Unfortunately I am not able to supervise any other MSc projects at this time (whether at UCL or not).

PhD Students

I am particularly interested in hearing from potential PhD students with a strong mathematical background and/or strong programming abilities. If you are interested in my research area, feel free to contact me by email to discuss opportunities at UCL or the Turing Institute.

Before Applying

When getting in touch, please make sure to highlight your research interests and how these align with my own based on my recent publications.

To get details on the application process for PhDs at UCL, see this page. You can also find tips on writing a convincing research statement on this page.


Funding for international and UK-EU students is available through several routes. These include the UCL Statistical Science department funds, the CDT in Foundations of AI, the CDT in Financial Computing and Data Science, the CDT in Data Intensive Science and the Health Data Research UK/Turing PhD programme.

Several schemes independent of UCL may also be of interest. A list of possible options is provided here, and the following tool may be of help when searching for a scholarship you are eligible for. Depending on your country of origion, you may also be eligible for a fee partnership from UCL. Finally, one other option is the commonwealth PhD scholarships; see this page or this page).

Current Students

  • George Wynne, PhD student in Mathematics at Imperial College London, Department of Mathematics (since September 2018). Co-supervised with Dr. Andrew Duncan (Imperial) and Prof. Mark Girolami (Cambridge).

  • Kaiyu Li, PhD student in Statistics at UCL, Department of Statistical Science (since December 2019). Second supervisor. First supervisor: Prof. Serge Guillas.

  • Zhuo Sun, PhD student in Statistics at UCL, Department of Statistical Science (since May 2020). Second supervisor. First supervisor: Dr. Jinghao Xue.

Past Students

  • Charline le Lan, MSc Statistics thesis (Imperial College London, 2018), title: “Neural Networks for Variance Reduction in MCMC”. Now PhD student at the University of Oxford under the supervision of Prof. Yee Whye Teh.
  • Xiaoyue Xi, MSc Statistics thesis (Imperial College London, 2017), title: “Bayesian Monte Carlo in Computer Graphics”. Received best MSc thesis award. Now PhD student at Imperial College under the supervision of Dr. Oliver Ratmann.

Postdoctoral Researchers

I do not currently hold any funding for postdoctoral researchers, but would be happy to hear from anyone interested in joining my group and/or supporting strong candidates for external funding applications.