I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Statistical Science at University College London. I am also a Group Leader at The Alan Turing Institute, the UK’s national institute for Data Science and AI, where I am affiliated to the Data-Centric Engineering programme. There, I lead research on the Fundamentals of Statistical Machine Learning.

My research focuses on building statistical and machine learning methods which enable the use of large-scale models in the physical, environmental and engineering sciences. I am keen to develop methods to merge large-scale models with data, focusing on both robustness to model misspecification and making use of the structure of these complex models to vastly reduce the scale of the associated computational challenges.

My work has been recognised through a Blackwell-Rosenbluth Award, a Best Paper Award at AISTATS, oral presentations at ICML, AISTATS and UAI, a `discussion paper’ in the journal Statistical Science, and an honorary mention for the Savage Award. My students have also received a number of student paper awards from the American Statistical Association and the International Society for Bayesian Analysis. Finally, my work has been funded through several EPSRC grants and an Amazon Research Award.

Prior to joining UCL, I did my undergraduate degree (MMORSE, 2010-2014) at the University of Warwick, then did a PhD (2014-2019) as part of the joint centre for doctoral training between the departments of Statistics at Warwick and Oxford. I then spent a year as a postdoctoral researcher, first in the Department of Mathematics at Imperial College London, then in the Department of Engineering at the University of Cambridge.

For more details on my work, see my Publications page or my Google Scholar profile. Alternatively, you can catch me at one of my Presentations. If you are a student/postdoc interested in working with me, see also this page.


  • I was recently awarded a Blackwell-Rosenbluth Award by the International Society on Bayesian Analysis. This award “aims at recognizing outstanding junior Bayesian researchers based on their overall contribution to the field and to the community”.

  • I have now joined the SIAM/ASA Journal on Uncertainty Quantification as an Associate Editor, and AISTATS as an Area Chair.

  • I am looking to recruit a PhD student for the academic year 2024-25. Please have a look at this page for further details, then feel free to get in touch directly via email.

  • I recently appeared in the “Machine and Molecules” podcast where I discuss my broad interest in robustness to model misspecification, how I got started with research, and the ongoing work of my research group at UCL.

  • I received an EPSRC small grant in the mathematical sciences for research on “Robust Foundations for Bayesian Inference” (EP/Y011805/1).