Funding for PhD applicants

There are a number of different routes you can take for applying to do a PhD with me at UCL. I have summarised the various routes on this page because the various routes can be a bit confusing, but feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.

Main Funding Routes:

The UCL Statistical Science department PhD programme is a standard PhD programme most relevant if you are interested in doing a PhD on statistical or machine learning theory or methodology. The department has a list of scholarships available here, but this does not always contain all the information until applications for a particular scholarship have opened. Here’s a brief summary of what to expect:

  • Departmental Teaching Assistant Scholarships This option is for either UK nationals or international students, and usually opens in February/March. The students get a full scholarship in exchange for a small amount of teaching throughout their PhD.
  • UCL Research Excellence Scholarships: Another option for both UK nationals and international students is the UCL Research Excellence Scholarship. The deadline is usually in mid-January, and this caries no teaching load.
  • Martingale Foundation Scholarships: For UK nationals, one option are the scholarships from the Martigale Foundation. The deadline is usually in October, and again there is no teaching load associated. This is a programme where students apply without a specific supervisor named, and can choose a supervisor once they have joined.

You can find more details on the application process for PhDs at UCL through the UCL graduate study guide. You can also find tips on writing a convincing research statement on this page.

Alternative Funding Routes:

There are a number of other possible funding routes A list of possible options is provided here, and the following tool may be of help when searching for a scholarship you are eligible for. Depending on your country of origion, you may also be eligible for a fee partnership from UCL. Finally, one other option is the commonwealth PhD scholarships for “high-income countries” or “least developed countries and fragile states”.